Ministry Value #3: Overview & Resources

Overview:   At Renew we’ve been going through some ministry values, and the third says this: “We are called to offer genuine family support built on trust and vulnerability. Doing life together allows us to experience God’s healing presence through difficulty, and at the same time celebrating the joyful life he intended.” Romans 12:5 says something that is easy to ignore in our culture: “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” How about that for a picture of what the church is called to be? If you read this passage in the Message translation, it helps us get a better idea of what Paul means. In vs 1-2 he says, “Embrace what God does…Don’t just get comfy in this culture…The result: You’ll be changed/mature.” That sounds difficult, but there’s something else to ponder here about how we do this. In vs 3 he says, “…it’s important that you not misinterpret

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Renewcast 12: Ministry Value #3 – ft. Jill & Hunter M

Min Value 3


Show Notes:

We discuss ministry value 3. Special guests Jill & Hunter Maier.

Jill & Hunter talk about an issue with Hunter being on his phone too much.

We discuss some things to do to fix problems in our family relationships?

These are good conversations to practice at home. The reason why we’re talking about it here is because this is one of our values. We believe we experience God when we do life together.

Romans 12: We understand our significance when we’re connected to the body as a whole; the church.

We think about this from the perspective of a family system.

How have we experienced this concept in our relationships at the church?

Where does the rubber meet the road with the God answer?