Book Camp – Day 2

Book camp day 2. It’s been raining all day e’ry day, so we’ve been pretty much stuck inside…with books. So that’s been tough for some of us. But everybody is doing great and enjoying the people we’ve been hanging out with. The sun did pop out for a bit today and the paint crew got to do some prep work on the library (where our book camp is taking place), but the rain picked up again and prevented them from actually painting (maybe tomorrow). Only two full days left in Straja/Lupeni and then we head back to Bucharest for a free day (we’re getting a tour of the Parliament building there, which we’re told is an amazing site to see) before returning home!!!

I think our group is beginning to fall in love with Romania and the people here. We had no clue what to expect from this trip, and even struggled a bit with what we’ve encountered (and many of us are still processing that), but God has surprised us (of course). I’m hopeful that our conversation about Romania will continue long after our trip home. Our stories will be interesting to share for sure!

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