Nine35 – Thinking about Thinking

Some are here at Nine35 (Sunday school) because you want to be, some are here because mom is making you, I’m guessing. Our lofty hope is that you’ll know the Bible better, but maybe more realistically our desire is that you’ll hear something and think about it. We just want you to think.

About thinking: you spend all week doing that. School, homework, chores, questions from mom and dad, etc. Maybe you don’t wanna think on a Sunday morning. I don’t blame ya.

But, what if your thinking all week was related to the same reason why we’re here?

The people we read about in the Bible, we don’t read about them in church (sure, some of that’s in there too). We don’t read about their personal life being one place and their church life being another place. We just read about their life. What they did, where they went, how they struggled with sin, etc.

If we were to read about your life in the Bible today, we’d be reading about you AT school.

God doesn’t want you to go to “Sunday school” to memorize the Bible. He doesn’t want you to agonize over having to be up and do more thinking on a weekend. He just wants you to live your life and think about him.

Coming to Nine35 then should simply be a reflection of the thinking you’ve already been doing all week. Think about that.

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