Fall 2015 Recap

Jr High Lock-In Bowling

August (Still kinda summer)

  • High School Summer Camp: MOVE (Jr High went to MIX in July). The theme for camp was the story of Daniel in the Old Testament. These camps do a great job (one of the best we’ve seen) at taking Bible stories and bringing them to life for teenagers. We were challenged to think about which kingdom we live for, ours or God’s?
  • Jr High Lock-in: We had 22 youth show up for this crazy all-nighter which included bowling, messy games and LOTS of noise. We attempted to go to bed at about 2:00 AM but didn’t have much luck getting people to be quiet. In the morning we had a few moms come in and serve us a home-made breakfast. The conversation wasn’t lively, but the taste-buds were.
  • @ Renew: Offsite/Lock-in, Hike, Fire Pit Night


  • Golf Tournament Fundraiser: Here’s a blurb from the church newsletter: The Youth Ministries & Men’s Ministries would like to thank the MPC community, as well as the Moorpark community at large, for the generous support shown to us at our Golf Tournament fundraiser on September 14 at the Moorpark Country Club. We had 101 people golf in the tournament and an additional 40 joined us for dinner as we auctioned off fun items – everything from a Caribbean cottage to a set of women’s golf clubs. The money we raised is going to support a few things: the 2016 international youth missions trip, some program needs for buying new supplies such as sports equipment for youth group games and activities, and even a new church van fund. Your support is much appreciated and we believe it is allowing some great things to happen in our ministries. So thank you and we look forward to seeing you again next year at our annual fundraiser!
  • Jr High (No School Event) Jax Pizza & Baskin Robbins: We ate some pizza and made a mess of the place, then drove in the church vans over for some ice cream.
  • Leader Retreat: Each year we spend a weekend with our youth ministry volunteers for team-building, training and of course, food. Ten of our leaders (Bill, Brittany, Chris J, Chris R, Hannah, Kim, Lara, Laura, Lexi, Mike) joined us this year. We had a great time and walked away feeling excited about ministry for this year!
  • @ Renew: Wired series, Offsite
  • @ Nine35 aka Sunday School: Nine35 resumes and this year we’re going through the Old Testament. This month: Creation, Cain & Abel.


  • Canned Goods Trick-or-Treat & Costume Party
  • @ Renew: Who is the King of Your Life, Prayer Stations, Halloween Party
  • @ Nine35: Noah, Tower of Babel

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