9/22/15 – Parent Meeting Recap

We typically do a few parent meetings throughout the year. We may be biased, but we think they’re actually kinda fun. It gives parents an excuse to come hang out in our awesome youth room and they get to hear about upcoming events and activities. We always share a little of our vision and explain the why-we-do-what-we-do stuff (for example, why going to winter camp is so important or how service events connect youth to Jesus maybe more so than a youth group message will, etc). Our desire is simply to connect with you. If you missed it, here’s some info from last week’s meeting:

Parent Meeting Agenda, 9-22-15

Fall 2015

Upcoming Activities
La Mission, Nov 7. High School can sign up NOW to do a service event in LA. Email us.
Children’s Hunger Fund Toy Wrap, Nov 21 or Dec 5. Most likely will be Dec 5. Final details soon.

Winter Camp 2016

Save the dates. Sign up info soon.
Jr High Forest Home, January 22-24
High School, February 26-28

Summer 2016

Jamaica Missions Trip, June 18-24 – Watch the video we played here. This is happening and we are really excited about it. More info here. Talk with us ASAP if your high schooler is interested in going with us!
Summer Camp Survey – Get it here, fill it out, and send it back to us.

Connecting with small group leaders

If you missed the meeting, here’s a list of our small group leaders by grade level and their phone numbers. Give them a call if you need anything, or hey, maybe just invite them to get coffee sometime. [These numbers are for parents only. Please ask before sharing them with others]

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