6/19/15-6/20/15 – Senior Retreat

Senior Group

At FOHO (Forrest Home Winter Camp) in February Dave and I felt a tug to have a Senior Retreat for our graduating Seniors. This is not something we have done at Renew before and we had no idea what it would look like. So we got busy figuring it out. We asked Michael & Gayle Hughes if we could invade their beautiful home for 24 hours and they graciously said yes. We asked Hunter VanDam if Coat & Colors would be willing to come worship with us and they said yes. We asked Tracey Flitsch if the Women’s and Men’s ministries would be willing to provide meals for us and they said yes. And then we asked Dean May if he would be willing to come and share some words of wisdom and encouragement for these young men and women and he said yes! Dave and I were once again amazed at the love for our youth by the people of our congregation. We are also reminded of God’s involvement and movement in our relationships with these kids. We were humbled by all of this!

We sent invitations, ordered some killer Senior Retreat t-shirts and planned what the weekend would look like.

The kids arrived Friday night, we had time for swimming, playing in the crazy game room upstairs, fellowship and a yummy dinner/dessert before Coat & Colors did an acoustic set of worship out by the pool. It was a beautiful evening, the kids love this band and their heart for Jesus.

We then headed upstairs to hear some great stuff from Dean about what God had placed on his heart about being armed with Gods word as these kids head off into the big world of college. The kids spent time in God’s word, asking questions and digging deep with one another about what they will be facing in the next phase of their lives.

After a very late night, lots of laughter, a stomach churning game of bean boozeld and  more laughs the lights were finally turned out, good nights and sweet dreams.

Saturday was a day filled with more good food, fellowship time, quiet/reflection time and more laughs.

This group of young men and women have grown up together, they have laughed together, cried together and been there for one another. It is bittersweet as we watch them prepare to leave their Renew family. It is filled with tears, apprehension, excitement, and hope. Dave and I feel like parents, we are proud of them. We know they love Jesus and our prayer for them is that this next phase in their lives brings them closer to God and into a deeper relationship with Him. Thank you parents for letting us walk this journey with your kids. Thank you God for placing this calling on our hearts.

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