6/16/15 – Incoming Jr High

Lawn Name Game

Big brother stare

“Incoming” is an MPC youth tradition that’s been going on around here long before I ever walked onto campus. It happens the week after school gets out, so we get right to welcoming the incoming grade levels into our youth ministry program (6th grade into Jr High; 9th grade into High School). I liken it to tossing a water grenade into a crowd, screaming out a warning cry, “INCOMING!!!!!!!!” Yea, it’s kinda like that.

This year we had a pool party and BBQ. Men’s & Women’s Ministries were generous enough to supply the food and do the grillin’ for us (picture below: these people are incredible). We had many new incoming youth show up, some new leaders and of course the usual crazies. We played the alliteration name game too, which is always good for a few laughs and pretty much guarantees you’ll never forget someone’s name. It was a great night and we’re excited to hang out with all these new 6th graders! NEXT WEEK: High School Incoming.

BBQ Hosts

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