I shall not want…your phone

Every time a new phone comes out, I start to drool. I call my friends and we talk about the specs. I imagine scenarios of getting out of my ridiculous contract from the now outdated phone that I just picked up less than 6 months ago.

But then I come back to reality, and it hits me: we’ve all been duped. We’ve been trained to think we need the latest and greatest, that somehow what I currently have isn’t good enough. Are you in this category too?

It’s sad, really. That we’ve succumbed to this mindset. I think the reason why it’s sad is because it robs us of joy. Have you ever gotten upset that somebody has something better than you? Or maybe you’re more mature than that. Well then, have you ever gotten frustrated that something you have doesn’t work like it should or somehow isn’t good enough? Robbed. And we willingly let it happen to us. So not only have we been stolen from, but we’re foolish too.

What if instead we learned to say, I want to see how long I can hold on to what I currently have? I know a guy who has a minivan, and last time I talked to him it had 288,000 miles. He was almost proud of that fact.

Can we really find joy in that mindset? I bet you could come up with a bunch of reasons why, if we weren’t too busy being duped by TV commercials.

Never have these words been truer: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Or in another translation, “I don’t need a thing.”

Psalm 23 (NKJV; MSG)

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