4/11/15 – LA Mission Training

We’ve been serving at rescue missions for awhile now (VCRM, URM) and recently we heard about the Los Angeles Mission. They offer some unique opportunities to get connected with the homeless, which go beyond just serving food. One such event is the “Day at the Mission,” which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how the mission runs and involves a walk on skid row with some face-to-face conversations with the homeless. We’ll be doing this event on Saturday, May 2. [UPDATE: We had to reschedule]

They require that you participate in a training meeting and tour of the facility before you can volunteer, so we drove down today for that. We took a different group down for training in January as well, so if you missed these, let us know and we’ll see if we can set up another training before our event in May.

Describing their facility and program they said, “You think that skid row is the bottom. We specialize in picking people up. It may be the bottom for them, but it’s the beginning for us.” They really have a great place that offers a lot of help for the needy, and we’re excited to partner with them.

Stay tuned for more stories.

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