Hebrews – Intro; Ch 2

Hebrews - Intro; Ch 2

Thoughts from the intro in my study bible:

Hard decisions will come in life. Do you cross the point of no return, or stay where it’s comfortable?

The author of Hebrews is writing to people at this point in life: Should they stick with the familiar routine of the Jewish religion (Rome’s protection & tradition)? Or should they join Christianity (new converts where being thrown in jail and even tortured)? Was it worth the risk? The book of Hebrews seems to push people toward a decision, either way. The author shows how Christ improved on the Jewish way (Jesus brought a better covenant than OT laws); why Christianity is better (a key word in Hebrews) than Judaism.

Hebrews speaks to our time today too. It insists there are decisive reasons to choose Christ.

How to Read Hebrews: Since it’s comparing to the OT laws, it’d be good to have an understanding of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers. Also, to follow the logic in Hebrews note each use of the word better and superior.

Thoughts from the text that stand out to me:

Chapter 2:

  • Pay careful attention to what you have heard so you don’t drift away (v1)
  • How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation? (v3)
  • Everything is subject to God (v5-8)
  • Jesus suffered death for everyone; made perfect through that death; through death he destroys him who holds the power of death–the devil–and free those from the fear of death. (v9-15)
  • For this reason he had to be made like us in every way; atonement for sins. (v17)

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