The Auto Insurance Trance

Farmers InsuranceAuto insurance commercials intrigue me. Did you ever notice how the only thing they really hope to accomplish is to make you laugh? Of course you did. It’s their marketing scheme.

It kinda slapped me in the face one day when I saw a Farmers Insurance commercial. You know the jingle, “We are Farmers, bum bu da da bum bum bum.” Something like that, anyway. Those commercials actually try to give you some safety info. You know, relevant content for why you need insurance.

I say it slapped me in the face because it dawned on me as if I had been wakened up from a trance. I think we get so used to being entertained that we just come to expect it. What happens then when we don’t get it? Do we literally choose auto insurance based on how funny their commercials are? Or what about this one, do we literally choose churches based on how well they entertain us?

If so, it’s probably a product of a marketing scheme. Wake up!

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