Software Updates & Other Silly Things

iOS 7

iOS 7

There’s this new release that everybody is talking about that hit the download waves for a pretty popular little device that I don’t use. (cough…iOS 7. Mufasa…oooh, say it again.) It’s funny to watch everybody get all excited about it. Like, giddy excited about it. Meanwhile, I don’t have a care in the world.

It brought to my attention that the exact same thing happens to me whenever a new release hits my own device of choice. Shortness of breath-raised heart rate-Christmas day jingles type of excitement. And everyone else just stares at blank walls.

You realize what’s happening here, don’t you? Our devices have us fooled.

Have you seen that Windows Phone commercial where they tell how awesome their camera is, and everybody else is fighting to get a closer photo shot? It’s actually pretty funny and their portrayal of smartphone fanboys is spot on.

We fight over the things we care about, but are careless over the things we fight about. Read that line again, if you have to.

Here’s the point. We blow up our social media feeds with ecstatic excitement over software updates, and it.doesn’t.even.matter. Proof: No one else cares. We get excited about silly things like cell phones, we even fight over them, and yet so many more injustices in the world carry on as if only a small minority of people are doing anything about them.

What’s the answer? Get rid of our devices? I don’t know, but they got us. They got us bad. And it’s affecting our teenagers immensely.

I too, will probably post about the next software update. And you won’t care. Let’s do something today that matters.

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