Running, Life, & Mat Kearney

I’ve been running a lot the past few months. More so than I ever have my entire life. Usually it’s about 3 times per week, 1.5 miles per run. Some days, though, I’m feeling pretty strong and I hit the 2 mile mark. My GPS app tells me I’ve run 29.8 miles in 18 workouts. Although I think its jipped me a few.

But the more consistently I run, I’ve found that my body isn’t happy with me when I stop at 1.5 miles. I get this feeling that I didn’t push myself hard enough. I’m sure it’s just because I’ve gotten stronger and also because my lungs don’t hurt. But even though I know I will regret it if I stop at 1.5 miles, there’s this part of me that wants to quit every step of the way.

On the days that I’m feeling strong, it’s like I have super human powers. There’s this will inside of me that I can do anything. It’s the best feeling in the world. And it’s crazy how much my mind determines this success. There are thoughts that push me to run harder and when I mix those thoughts with the right music pumping through the headphones…BOOM! I feel like I could flip a small car.

Mat Kearney’s song Bullet is my jam right now. You can listen to it for free here (it’ll open a new window and play immediately).

“Yesterday I was sitting recalling reminiscing
Trying to remember whenever there was nobody listening
Before the hugging and the kissing, the booing and the hissing
All I had was just a vision, all I had was my ambition
Your love without condition kept me swinging when I’m missing
My eyes upon the prize kept me striving for the mission
When I was down for the count, falling out of commission
I can hear your voice now screaming out, ‘son, listen’
Get on up, don’t give up, though you struck opposition
Time to buck all that stuff, find out what’s your condition
Like a pull in my soul, like keys in my ignition
Call you all my commission, my love and my vision” -verse 1

Before too long though my lungs start to hurt. My body tells me to stop. I need to come up with a new route that pushes me to hit 2 miles every time. I feel like I could consistently run 2.5 or 3 miles. My goal is to keep pushing myself further. My wife tells me that my brother-in-law runs 16 miles. Wow. That’s all I can say at this point.

Life is like running though. In a way, we’re capable of super human powers. I think our minds and our bodies are begging for us to push the limit. Why else would we be capable of doing such great things? And what is it that keeps us from living to this potential?

If I can run, I can do anything.

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  1. yeah!! You can do it! Really, the first 15 -20 minutes is the hardest, then your body adjusts. One running expert told me that and I can now agree with him! You should sign up to run a Mini Marathon! 13.1 miles. You can do it. I did! Now I’m a running junkie. I am right there with you. I feel like I can do anything now that I’ve ran that bad boy! You definitely work up to it. Half to 3/4 of running is a mental game. Your body can do anything, its your mind you have to work on.

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