Does anybody read this?

I haven’t posted a blog entry in awhile. The office ladies are wondering if I should delete it if I’m not writing anything. What do you think? Should I write or delete it? Leave a comment to let me know (and if there are no comments, well that’ll help me answer the question too).

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    1. nooooo don’t do it!!! i just started one for adeline christian camp not to long ago……lets help each other get OUR words out!!

      Love ya man.

      Love Never Fails,


  1. I am retired and a snowbird who has the pleasure of attending Peace and at times singing in the choir for the past 6 yrs. Why M I responding to your inquiry? I am sad that the majority of churches of all denominations are finding that church attendance and membership has dropped considerably. Making this even more sad, is that our youth are not attending church at even a higher rate. If your blog brings one non-churched youth to know God, then your efforts ARE worth it. Is there an expense involved for this blog to continue? Consider Peace’s Mission Statement and this will also help u to decide if this blog should continue. Thank u for listening

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