I got a flat tire!

So I got a flat tire. And Mike fixed it for me. And then I got another flat tire the very next day. Apparently you’re supposed to take the nail out of the tire before you change the tube. Oops. Sorry Mike. This whole flat tire thing is putting a damper on my Lenten journey.

So on the way to work (in my car), I was sitting at the stop light just outside my apartment complex. A guy rode by on his bike. A few red lights later, the guy on the bike was passing me again. There are six stop lights in less than two miles from my place to work, and four out of the six are usually red when I get to them. Red lights annoy me. Sometimes I think taking the bike is quicker, as I was now witnessing.

I’m not sure I would have noticed the guy on the bike if it hadn’t been for my flat tire experience. I have to admit, some days I dislike the inconvenience of riding the bike to work (or dealing with the flat tire), but without those frustrations I wouldn’t have maybe noticed another human being riding a bike, and I wouldn’t have appreciated my car so much (didn’t I say red lights while driving my car bothered me too?).

I guess I’m learning to notice the little things. To appreciate life. Isn’t that what God wants from me? To love what he has created? Maybe that’s the point of Lent.

Well, it’s almost over.

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