Car Horns and Tasers – this could be my best idea yet!

I was driving back to work from a meeting at Starbucks today. I had my window down as I was pulling to the stop light at the intersection in the Walmart parking lot at Union Hills & 83rd Ave (it’s one of those parking lot intersections that can be a little confusing to people for some reason). Anyway, my window was down, and somebody was confused at which direction they wanted to go as they were entering the parking lot, so the person behind them decided to lay on the horn, just outside my window. Still shaking due to the amount of caffeine I had just ingested, the horn scared the crap out of me. And I was a little upset.

But I love those moments where you actually see that happen to somebody else because you realize how foolish it is. I’m thinking, “Dude are you serious? This guy hesitates for 2 seconds and you gotta blast your horn at him?” Then, in that moment I thought of a great invention. Cars should come installed with a taser feature. Every time you use your horn, you get tased (that would be awesome to see). I think that would help keep things in check. Humans are a weird breed. I just have to laugh at how we treat each other sometimes. I could go into a big sermon here, but I can imagine you get my point.

Today, may I be considerate to others even when they cause me a little inconvenience. I’m thankful for those reminders. I’m also thankful that MY car didn’t come installed with the taser feature. Happy driving.

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