Staff Meeting & God Moments

Every Tuesday at 9:30 am we have staff meeting. It’s usually a rip-roaring good time, but I suppose it comes with the job. I guess I shouldn’t make it sound so bad, because it’s not. I mean there is FOOD, a lot of joking around, and typically some good conversation about what is happening at Peace. One of the aspects I appreciate most about this time together with the staff is an opportunity to share the moments from the previous week where we felt an encounter with God. It’s cool to hear each person’s stories every week.

The other day I was thinking, “Hmm…maybe I should start posting my God moments on the blog. That would be a simple way to not only share what God is doing in my life and in Peace youth ministry, but it would also be simple to do.” So, I’m going to give it a shot.

Let me begin with a definition. When we say “God moments,” we’re speaking of the Greek word Kairos. In Mark 1:15 we read, “The time has come. The kingdom of God is near.” One of the commentaries I use to study the bible says this about Mark 1:15:

“Jesus witnesses to God’s action by saying, ‘The time has come.’ Time here is not simply chronological time but the decisive time (kairos) for God’s action. With the coming of Jesus, God was doing something special.”

A God moment, then, is a time when God is literally acting, or moving in your life.

It’s not always easy to notice these moments on a weekly basis, but I’ve found you begin looking for them when you’re asked to share one every week. And they aren’t always good things either. Sometimes God is working through the rough parts of our lives.

Contemplating Sermon Thoughts

I’m going to begin with a simple God moment from this past year that I happened to take a picture of. This is Jessi (you can tell from the Ninja Turtle hat). It was taken in February at the Ash Wednesday Service. Jessi was reading her bible and writing down some thoughts from Pastor Al’s message. Honestly, sometimes it’s easy for me to feel like nothing I do really matters. Sometimes I feel like no one really gives much thought to my messages, or to the conversations we have about who God is. Even though I believe whole-heartedly that God is working through the relationships being developed at Peace, it’s really cool and extremely encouraging to see such a simple act as this. Thank you Jessi.

Do you have any God moments you’d like to share? Hmm…maybe I need to get others posting on here as well. More to come!

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