$25 Visa Gift Card Twitter Contest Official Rules

Peace Youth Ministry (peaceymin) is giving away UP TO ten (10) $25 Visa Gift cards. Ten (10) NEW first-time Twitter accounts from people in confirmation must be created before 11:59 pm on Thursday, December 09. If less than ten new people sign up, only five (5) $25 Visa Gift cards will be given.

To win you must:

1. Have a profile picture on your Twitter account in which your face can be seen.
2. Follow at least 20 people on your Twitter account including peaceymin.
3. Post one tweet per day from Friday, December 10 to Wednesday, December 15 where you mention someone from confirmation. To do so, type the “@” symbol directly in front of their Twitter user name. For example, to send me a tweet, type something like this: “Hey @dhub I really liked your message last night about money. Thanks for all you do!”
4. Post a comment here on the blog letting us know you read these rules, and tell us your favorite thing about confirmation.

There is a limit of 10 prizes. If more than 10 people qualify, names will be randomly selected. Winners will be announced at confirmation on Wednesday, December 15. Good luck.

Questions? Send us a message. To do so, type “@peaceymin” in the 140 character limit message from your Twitter account.

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  1. hey dave i read the rules… and my favorite thing about confermation is all the friends ive met and being able to go to a place and beable to learn abot god in a room full of my friends =)

  2. Read it! Hopefully I can remember all these RULES!
    My favorite thing about conformation is laughing with my girls. 🙂

  3. i have read the rules
    and my favirote thing about confermatinon is you as a youth direct and brian as my small group time and the peolpe in that group there name are zach t chris and landon and i love you dave and brian ❤

  4. I have read the rules.
    My favorite thing about confermation is meating new people. Also i like singing in the bigining.

  5. Finally back home with a computer so I could read the rules, I am a little behind, but determined to catch up. My favorite thing about confirmation is talking with my girls in my huddle group.

  6. my favorite thing about confirmation is Brian. Like my mom I finally have a computer to read the rules on. I may have messed up a tweet

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