Why Worry? Content is better.

This morning I was worrying about money. You know, the usual – bills to pay, gifts to buy, holiday travel costs, vehicle registration fees, and on and on. But I had this peace that came out of nowhere; I was content.
The past few weeks I’ve been reading a book on becoming more organized, which is helping greatly. I’m learning to put everything I have to do into a system (other than my brain) that holds the info for me and reminds me in the appropriate time when it’s due. I can’t even begin to tell you how much relief I feel from that one simple (yet complicated) practice. I think this is beginning to flow over into the rest of my life, which could account for the feeling of peace this morning.
I think so because the same applies to spending money. If I plan for what is due (those things I was talking about above) and put them into a system that will remind me, and if I’m being wise with the money I make, I shouldn’t have to worry about upcoming bills. I’m being simplistic here, I know, but go with it. There is one catch though, which I’ve already mentioned: for this to work, we must be wise with our money.
We learn from our culture to want bigger and better, and while there may NOT be anything wrong with wanting more, there may well BE something wrong with wanting more. I think we feel like we have to wear cool clothes, eat fancy meals, and drive nice cars – all because other people do.
But let me ask this: when is wanting more too much? Are you worried about money? Sometimes we struggle to make ends meet and certainly that is a valid concern. But the issue here is about being caught up in wanting things beyond our means. Do you buy things you don’t need? Do you want things just because others have them? I know I do. And it causes me stress.
That kind of worry is unnecessary. Content is a much better place to live. Maybe everything in our lives, from completing simple tasks to paying bills is burdened because we don’t plan appropriately, and with the proper perspective.
My advice: plan diligently, spend sparingly, and think optimistically. This takes practice, accountability, and a weekly commitment to following through with your plans. Share your plan with somebody and allow them to lovingly hold you to it. Our hope is that we live and experience peace.

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