Steve Gerali: The luge story

This past week at confirmation Steve Gerali, a good friend, mentor, and a

professor of youth ministry spoke. He introduced the 10 Commandments (our current series) and led our parent class. Steve grabbed our attention quickly with a great story about a frightening 60 mph luge ride. Nervous for this first time experience, yet too afraid to chicken out, he went for it. Screaming “like a little girl” all the way down the mountain, he said it was the best ride of his life.

The 10 Commandments are kinda like that. A thrilling ride that is well worth our time. And all the commandments can be summed up into two parts: Love God (the first 4), and love people (the last 6). Do you love God and love people? If you do, you are already probably honoring the 10 Commandments. We’ll spend some more time thinking through this the next couple weeks in confirmation.

Before Steve left on Wednesday night, he spoke with the parents about teenage development and answered some questions. Are you interested in hearing more? Would you like to see Steve come back? Do you have any thoughts to share from the night? Let us know.

See you next week at confirmation.

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