Confirmation: A year to be distinguished from all others

I can hardly believe that the 2010-2011 year of confirmation begins this Wednesday. The past few years have been pretty good (not without a few kinks of course), but I really believe this year will be a year that distinguishes confirmation of the future from confirmation of the past. There are plenty of reasons why – like new curriculum that families and leaders can access online, the most structured calendar we’ve ever had, huddle leaders that have been on the job for 2+ years, 14 high school/college age co-leaders (which more than quadruples our number from last year), a new weekly class for parents with new leaders, and much, much more.
But the main reason this year will distinguish from all others is simple: people. We have so much support for what we’re doing that even if we were to never meet once for confirmation class this year, it’d still be a success. I can say that because the leadership and families involved with confirmation understand that it’s about more than a class.
I spoke with Donna Kolta (a confirmation parent and huddle leader last year) just recently and she had this to say about her two years of involvement: 

“When we first started confirmation I doubted if the kids would learn much academically about the bible, but relationally the kids have really bonded and grown together. Even if that’s what brings them back (friendships) they’ll eventually grow spiritually. Spiritual growth takes a long time, so it’s better that it does happen slowly. I remember Pastor Al saying, ‘God is love, all else is commentary.’ And he’s right. Some people know a lot about the bible, and that’s good. But some people just live it. I’d rather see the kids grow in that fashion, then they can memorize all they want later in life. None of us at age 14 or 15 really got it. It takes much longer to get it.”

Donna, you are right on. And you’re not alone. Thank you to everyone who’s been involved for your support. Because of that support, the conversation on “how to” run confirmation continues to improve. The goal this year is simple: relationships and learning. Our hope is that at the end of your confirmation journey, it will only be the beginning; the beginning of great relationships and of lifelong learning in pursuit of the God who is love.     
Is it ok for me to brag about the people I get to work with at Peace? I’m looking forward to a great year with new people. See you Wednesday.

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