Youth Culture Review: The MTV Movie Awards

The longer I’m a youth director (July will be my 4 year anniversary at Peace), and the older I get (I turn 31 this month) the more I realize the impact of culture on our youth. Beneath all the good that I see in our youth lies a susceptibility to the influences of our culture; and it’s scary. I have to be honest, sometimes I cringe at the things I hear youth say.

But, I think we just need to start talking about some of these things here in youth ministry at Peace. So I’m going to start sharing them with you through my blog, and encouraging you to think about them from a biblical perspective.

To start us off, I want to point you to another blog that I read. I must warn you that this may be offensive to some of you, but it is the reality of our culture which is influencing the minds of our youth. Author and youth worker trainer Jonathan McKee reviews the recent MTV Movie Awards held this past month.

Pushing the Limits: The MTV F***ing Movie Awards: 

“I don’t think anyone could have said it more true than New Moon star Peter Facinelli at the close of the MTV Movie Awards last night when he joked, ‘I’ve never heard the word ‘f**k’ used so many times in one evening. He wasn’t kidding. Joe Pesci was covering his ears! The poor guy hitting the sensor button probably developed a callus in the first half hour! The sad fact is, the rampant use of f-bombs was probably one of the least worrisome elements of the evening…”

Read the rest: Pushing the Limits: The MTV F***ing Movie Awards.

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