Getting Back Into Blogging

For the past few months I’ve wanted to get back into blogging, but finding time to sit down and write has been difficult. However, I do believe it’s an important task. And it’s not that I necessarily feel as though I have profound things to say, but more so that I simply want to share the story of what’s happening in youth ministry at Peace. In the past, I have used this blog as more of a vlog, which if you’re unfamiliar with the term it simply means a video blog. But you can probably imagine that if it’s difficult for me to find time to write, then it’s certainly difficult to find time to film, edit, and everything else that goes along with producing videos; even simple videos. Well, I still create videos, but not as frequently. And when I do, it seems they have been focused on ministry areas other than youth ministry (i.e. Neighborhood ministry – a recent video you may have seen in church). But despite all of this, I still stand by my previous statement that I believe blogging is an important task because it is a great means by which to share the story of youth ministry.

And so, here’s the deal: I’m going to blog* again. I’d like to tell you that I have a big fancy plan on how I’m going to accomplish this, but I don’t. I just have a small plan, which is to set myself a reminder and to tell you that I will blog. So I hope you will read/watch and share the story of youth ministry at Peace with others. It is my belief that you will see and hear great things.

*To easily keep up with new posts, follow me on twitter here. And for all of you who aren’t on twitter, maybe for my next blog post I will explain how it works and why I believe it is a great tool. I’m also working on upcoming summer events and Fall 2010 info, so stay tuned.

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  1. I am glad you are getting back into this. Dialogue is valuable, informative, and can be fun. I hope this time around there are more people who comment and share their thoughts and ideas.

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