Laser Quest

I found myself in a giant, square-shaped maze. The room was as dark as a cloudy, moon-less night and had a musty, dry ice smell. It consisted of ramps and walls that seemingly created hidden alleys and secret pathways, all of which confusingly led to, in the corners, four two-story towers. The towers emitted neon yellow and red lights. There were people frantically moving about everywhere I turned. Coming from them were an endless array of red beams that bounced off mirrors and filled up the black walls with red dots, much like a million laser pointers would do. Although it was difficult to see faces, I know there were plenty of familiar ones: Pastor Al, Emma, Courtney, Hans, Rachael, Britne, Ashley, Cassie, Demi, Ryan, Zach, Nick, Doreen, Aundrea, Erik, Dana, Sam, Danny, Katie, April, Samantha, Sarah, Adam, Sammy, Isaac, David, Aaron, Jessi, Kellie, Elizabeth, Alycia, Allie, Erin, Toni, Steffany, Nikki, Carter, and Kevin; 38 in total. And all the movement was put into slow motion by glimpses of flashing strobe lights, as if it were lightning on a rainy night.

The game was laser quest – a free for all; a highly sophisticated version of tag. We played three, 20 minute games. After each game, scorecards were handed out which recorded how many times you were tagged and by who, and vice versa. It made for a very competitive, yet easy to play fun game. All had a blast.


More than just fun and games, we want to be intentional about our time together at these events. So before we called it a night, we spent a few minutes passing out “homeless packs.” Each pack consists of a water bottle, a nutria-grain bar, and a trail-mix bar. The challenge was to give this pack to someone in need before our next event, which is the Movie Lock-Down* on June 24th at Peace Lutheran Church from 6:00-10:00 pm. Then at this event, we will discuss the experience and make some more “homeless packs” (if you missed Laser Quest…do not fret, we’ll bring you up to speed).

Admission to the Movie Lock-Down is one of the following:
• Box of nutria-grain bars
• Box of trail-mix bars
• Water bottles (case or individual)

So, thanks to all who attended Laser Quest. Thanks for making it a blast. I look forward to the Movie Lock-Down and the rest of our “No Bummer Summer” events. Stay tuned for more details.

*Note: a “lock-down” is different from a “lock-in” in that it is NOT an all-nighter. We will be meeting from 6:00-10:00 pm.

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