Mexico Missions

Love God Love People
Rocky Point, Mexico

I have a confession to make: I love America! You probably agree in some fashion with that statement, but if you’ve ever taken a trip across the border, you may have feelings of “it’s not fair” and other such sentiments; hence my confession. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please come with us on a trip to Mexico; your heart will be filled with compassion (I’ll talk more about this in 10 seconds, or as long as it takes you to read the next brief paragraph).

For this trip, we helped put on a big Christmas outreach project in which we set up carnival-type booths with food, games, candy, face painting, etc. We brought in Santa, passed out presents, and even distributed 2,000 pairs of shoes. It was pretty cool.
Ok so back to the sentiment part. As Americans, we go into Mexico in order to help make a bad situation better, right? Check out the picture below. We bring in our trucks (arrow 1), bounce houses (arrow 2), and whatever else to help little kids (arrow 3) living in poverty (arrow 4). And that last part is key – these families live in poverty.
Which brings us back to my confession. I love my nice warm bed, the convenience of running water, a toilet that flushes, clean clothes, food whenever I want, a lightning fast Internet connection, big screen HD TVs, my Blackberry, MY CAR, AAAHHHHHHH…and on and on I could go.
So what’s the point of my latest little blog entry, you may be asking?
Well, it is simply this: it is to ask the question, as Americans, what do we do with our time and money? Spend all of it on ourselves so that we get more and more, and always have the best toys and comfort? If you are living that way, PLEASE come to Mexico with us. Look these little children in the eye, and allow the Holy Spirit to move in your heart and fill it with compassion, so that we may become more like Jesus.
Here are some more pictures from our trip:

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