A Great Success: Fall 2008 Confirmation Retreat

November 7-8, 2008: Fall 2008 Confirmation Retreat, Prescott, AZ

I had forgotten how cold 30 degrees felt. And come on, let’s be honest. That’s not even that cold. We (and maybe I should just speak for myself) are wimps here in Phoenix. I can admit that. However, despite having been raised in the Midwest where I was forced by mother nature into dealing with brutal winters, 30 degrees felt uncomfortably cold. Some brave souls were running around in shorts, and others of us, warmly bundled in a beautiful array of long-sleeves and the closest thing to snow pants we could find. See…I told you we are wimps.
But I think I can safely say that this was a great experience for all 22 of us that made the trip. And as you’ll see in just a few pictures below, we did everything from cuddling up to a pretty intense fire, to games like Ultimate Frisbee, to team building activities, to bunking up in rooms with new friends, and more.
Those who were quiet, left a little louder. And those who were already loud, were dared to be a little more quiet. Why? Because a personal relationship with Christ is about a personal relationship with a friend. We made friends this weekend and are looking forward to the huge impact it will have on our confirmation program throughout the remainder of the year.
If you didn’t make it this time, we hope you can next time. Look for details next year about a Spring retreat. Oh, and if you really want to see what happened this weekend…just wait for the video. Coming soon to a confirmation evening near you! And thanks to all who attended!
The intense fire!

Ultimate Frisbee.

Kevin, our Middle School Intern, uh…yea not sure!

Nikki and Allie during team building.

Brian, Leah, Demi, and Ashley during more team building.

In the dorms…

Samantha, Courtney, Nikki, Rachel, Laura, Sydney, and Allie.

Demi, Leah, Ashley, and Christen.

Michael, Hans, Jacob, Derek, Isaac, and Ryan.

More fun at the fire…

Video and more pictures available soon!

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