Starting off something new (knowing God’s will)…

Oh the joy. Attempting to start something new stirs up all kinds of emotions. And thousands of questions immediately and frantically start running through your mind. Will it work? Will people respond positively? Am I (or we) qualified? Is God really asking us to do this or am I (or we) just getting ahead of ourselves? And on and on. Well to be honest, that’s what it has been like this Fall here at Peace Lutheran Church (at least in youth ministry land)…

…I don’t think I need to state all the changes for you (i.e. the Alternative Service at 11:00am on Sundays in the Fellowship Hall, the new Confirmation model and curriculum on Wednesday nights, planning a Haiti trip in place of the National Youth Gathering, etc). And believe me, all those aforementioned questions creep their way into my mind and haunt me as I sleep at night.

However, I find confidence and peace of mind through many different factors. Without a doubt (and despite mine), God is working through our programs and people in exciting ways. A college professor of mine said that you can know God’s will through three things: 1.) Your gifts and talents; 2.) God’s people; and 3.) God’s Word. I can ecstatically say that God’s will is shouting through loud and clear. Both the staff and volunteers’ (for lack of a better word) gifts and talents are being displayed in big ways, the church as a whole is jumping on board with what we’re doing, and God’s Word is being sought after for all of our decisions. Exciting huh?

A word of encouragement: Test this theory in your own life. Do you ever wonder what God is up to? Or what He’s calling you to do? Well, what are your gifts and talents? What are God’s people telling you to do? And what does God’s Word have to say about it? When these three line up, it’s pretty clear to see what God may be doing in your life.

So welcome to the journey of starting new things and of discovering God’s will. It’s gonna be a crazy ride. Are you ready for it?

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